Turbine Ventilator
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1.The work principle of turbine ventilator

-The turbine ventilator is use of the natural wind force and difference temperature between inside and outside of room,push the turbine revolving that exhaust the air by using the centrifugal force and pressure effect

2.The special design with the special effect

-The arc-shaped breeze leaf is the best effect by science of calculating, which can guarantee that the rain do not immerge the workshop in the operation. The efficiency of exhausting is very high and could run smoothly which the breeze is not lower than 0.2 meter or difference in temperature is no lower than 0.5°C.

-The center axis sets the steps of thick and thin, which can keep the leaf from distortion , raising the life of whole machine.

-The variable pitch throat could install the ventilator on the inclicaiton surface of 0° to 22.5 °.Installation work is very convenient, the worker usually complishes in half an hour.

3.Without any operation expenses, external effect, economical installation cost, lower maintenance cost. The advantages of BOK-VENT turbine ventilator

-The components could disassemble easily which convenient for maintenance and prolong the life of ventilatior

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